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Finished with your face mask? Dispose of it the correct way!

Photo by Cate Bligh on Unsplash

For those who work in the medical industry, disposing surgical masks correctly is generally a straightforward affair. Given that surgical masks are generally considered to be medical waste (when used in a medical context), most hospitals, GP clinics and pharmacies will have medical waste disposal methods in place. However, for those of us who have decided to use disposable masks for personal use to keep ourselves safe, the correct way of disposing of those masks may not be as obvious.

We at The Friendly Mask Company know that our products are an essential tool to keep us and our community safe, but we are conscious that disposable masks pose an environmental dilemma. Reusable masks are now available at many locations and stores, and although we believe that they are an excellent option for personal use, we also know that the research has been very clear in that the best way to keep yourself safe and to protect those around you is by wearing medical grade masks.

With that in mind, we want to ensure that for those who choose to use single-use disposable masks that there are correct ways to dispose of them and that can make a big difference.


I am sure that you have seen surgical face masks discarded outdoors as rubbish, and it’s disheartening to see. Firstly, these are used masks. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, the whole point of wearing the masks is to not only keep you safe, but to keep those around you safe. Disposable face masks do not degrade quickly, meaning that they will inevitably have to be cleaned up by someone, let’s all do our part to keep those people safe as well.

The best practice in this regard is to place your mask in a plastic bag and take it home before throwing it away in the rubbish.


As we enter the back end of 2020, we are seeing the long term impact that this global pandemic will have on our planet. It is becoming apparent that disposable masks are proving to be a significant threat to our environment and wildlife . We at The Friendly Mask Company wish to avoid contributing to this issue as much as possible.

With that in mind, we strongly recommend that before disposing of your used face mask in the correct way, you should take a pair of scissors and cut the ear loops in half. It’s a small inconvenience but one that could help avoid our used face masks contributing to threats against our wildlife in the future.

We are aware that as a company that specializes in PPE, it may not be good business to point out the potential issues that concerns our products. However, as good corporate citizens, we cannot simply ignore the environmental impact that our products may have. We are therefore continually exploring avenues to counter these issues and continue to do our best to be a positive community and global citizen.

From all of us at The Friendly Mask Company,

Stay safe and take care.